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Sunday 4 october 2009 | de Balie grote zaal | start: 20:00 hrs
Canada - 75 min. - 2009

Director will be present

Gesar Mukpo is a filmmaker who lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is the son of the great Tibetan Buddhist teacher, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and his British wife. As he gathers impressions from others, Gesar reveals his own poignant story of living in the West with this unique label and legacy — endlessly scrutinized as someone supposed to be special and monumental. What does it mean to carry on a role designed for an old world when you’re living in a completely new one? How will Gesar and other Western tulkus fulfill their destiny?
He developed his film and video craft through commercial work and study with Buddhist teacher and filmmaker Khyentse Norbu (The Cup; Travellers and Magicians). Buddhist themes provide the motivations for his most recent work, including the music video What About Me?

written & directed by: Gesar Mukpo – with: Gesar Mukpo, Dylan Henderson, Ashoka Mukpo, Dzongsar Khysentse Rinpoche, Wyatt Arnold, His Holiness Ogyen Trinley Dorje and Reuben Adrian Derksen - producer: Kent Martin - cinematography: Pablo Bryant and Ethan Neville - sound : James Hoagland and Pablo Bryant – sound design: Alex Salter - editors: Rohan Fernando and Ethan Neville

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