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Friday October 8 | Pathé Tuschinski | Cinema 1
20.15 uur Opening BFFE 2010
20.30 uur Film

Japan – 127 min. – 2010

Directed by Takahashi Banmei, Zen is an elegant and fascinating look into the life and times of 13th-century monk Dogen, founder of the Soto sect in Zen Buddhism. Offering a fairly faithful depiction of what is known of the monk's life, the film follows Dogen, handsomely portrayed by kabuki actor Nakamura Kantaro, from an orphan child inspired by his mother's dying words to a young monk wandering in China where he experiences his awakening. After reaching enlightenment, he returns to Kyoto to spread his teachings of silent meditation, attracting both dedicated followers and fierce detractors who cast him as a heretic. In his travels and teachings, Dogen encounters many different people. Some guide him, some follow him, and some test him, but all become crucial figures in his spiritual journey of peace and meditation. Zen's supporting cast includes Kora Kengo (Snakes and Earrings) as a young monk gone astray, Uchida Yuki (Welcome to the Quiet Room) as a prostitute and aspiring nun, and Fujiwara Tatsuya (Death Note) as the shogun haunted by inner ghosts

Based on Komazawa University president Otani Tetsuo’s historical novel which chronicled Zen monk Dogen’s achievements in spreading the Soto school of Zen Buddhism across Japan. Engaged solely in zazen, Dogen sacrifices himself to attaining a spiritual state of nothingness in this illuminating portrait set against the beauty of the four seasons. As Dogen, kabuki actor Nakamura Kantaro gives an expectedly commanding performance that encompasses Dogen’s life from his youth until his ripe age.

Regie/Director: Takahashi Banmei – Producent/Producer: Kanno Satoshi, Matsuura Shigeji – Uitvoerend producent en script/Executive Producer and Script: Otani Tetsuo – Met/With: Nakamura Kantaro Dogen, Uchida Yuki Orin, Fujiwara Tatsuya, Hojo Tokiyori – Scenario/Screenplay: Takahashi Banmei – Muziek/Music: Uzaki Ryudo, Nakanishi Haseo – camera: Mizuguchi Noriyuki J.S.C – Montage/Editing:Kikuchi Junichi – Productie design/Production Design: Maruo Tomoyuki
© 2010 ZEN Production Committee, Twins Japa

Director: Takahashi Banmei
Producer: Kanno Satoshi, Matsuura Shigeji
Executive Producer and Script: Otani Tetsuo
With: Nakamura Kantaro Dogen, Uchida Yuki Orin, Fujiwara Tatsuya, Hojo Tokiyori
Screenplay: Takahashi Banmei
Music: Uzaki Ryudo, Nakanishi Haseo
Camera: Mizuguchi Noriyuki J.S.C
Editing: Kikuchi Junichi
Production Design: Maruo Tomoyuki

© 2010 ZEN Production Committee, Twins Japan



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