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Lucia Rijker en de kracht van stilte

Saturday October 9 | 20.30 hrs
Pathé Tuschinski | Cinema 4
+ 30 min Q&A 

Netherlands – 65 min. – 2010

Director and crew will be present

Lucia Rijker investigates different facets of silence. Alt violin player Esther Apituley lets Lucia experience what silence in the National Concert Hall does to you. Film maker Frans Zwartjes clarifies the power of expression of his films without dialogue. The fragility of silence is examined through the person who disrupted Memorial Day. Two IT partners, Monique Pohlen and Peter Gramberg, strike a balance by looking for silence in garden designs. Sound artist Nathalie Bruis portrays silence and Zen master Tenkei Roshi tells us that he only reached the deeper layers of silence through his teachers.

Lucia stays behind in silence and tries to find out what wisdom and power can silence bring her.

Producer and director: George Schouten
With: Lucia Rijker, Frans Zwartjes, Esther Apituley, Dick de Boef, Monique Pohlen, Peter  Gramberg, Nathalie Bruys, Tenkei Roshi
Editor: Chris Teerink
Camera: Bernd Wouthuijsen
Sound: Martijn van Haalen
Commissioning editor: Babeth M. VanLoo

© 2010 Boeddhistische Omroep 



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