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Zondag 7 oktober
21.00 Cinema 3

UK/Japan – 86 min – 2011
Japanese, English subtitles
Co-presented by Camera Japan

KanZeOn is an alternative reading of the Japanese name for the Bodhisattva of Compassion, Kannon, or literally, ‘she who hears the cries of the world’. In a film which is part documentary and part spiritual, sensory experience, three special Japanese musicians explore the magical potential of sound. A young buddhist priest who happens to also be a hip-hop DJ, performs at volcanic Mount Aso. An adept of the rare bamboo instrument Sho, believed to imitate the call of the mythical phoenix. A Kotsudumi drummer who takes part in a Noh theater performance. Immerse yourself in an unconventional and transformative world where a rarely seen view of Japanese culture is revealed through ancient rituals and extraordinary musical spectacle. 

Directors/producers: Tim Grabham and Neil Cantwell – with: Tatsumi Akinobu, Fujii Eri, Iitomi Akihiro – camera: Tom Swindell & Tim Grabham – editor: Tim Grabham – produced by: Cinema Iloobia / Dissolving Path in association with SRK.



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